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you were our only friend

As requested, a mini-primer on HeyChris.

All right. So, HeyChris refers to Christopher Gutierrerz, a pretty well-established Chicago hardcore scenester. He and Pete were very close friends, were part of a crew of straightedge kids, and were in the band Arma Angelus.

He looks like this:

Here the two are together, with some other Arma peeps:

Arma, like a lot of bands, had an evolving lineup, including Chris, Tim from Rise Against, Andy, and even Patrick on drums at their very last show ever. Pete wrote a majority of the band's lyrics and "sung."

Their live journal, where most entries are from Pete:

Chris was a huge Fall Out Boy fan in the early days of the band, super close with all the members of the band, especially Pete--probably due to a shared desire to blow lots of shit up. (See also: Release The Bats.) Patrick ended up writing a song thanking Chris for being such a great friend to the band, "Grenade Jumper."

The chorus gives him his now-ubiquitious nickname:
Hey Chris, you were our only friend,
And I know that it's belated--
But we love you back

So, yeah. Very sweet. Anyway, Chris dates a girl for two years named Kate (whose association gets her the creative moniker HeyKate), Fall Out Boy blow up.

Then, at the tail end of Feburary, this entry gets posted on pretty much every huge Fall Out Boy site on Livejournal.

Cliff Notes version of the post: Pete tried to steal my girlfriend, he talked about me behind my back, he's a liar, he's a sell out, he broke edge, he makes fun of his fat fans and throws away the gifts people give him.

So, a shitstorm is created online, with people proclaiming outrage with Pete, with Chris, taking sides--both girlfriends show up to post statements that are contradictory, and Pete finally replies via the FBR journal with this:

oh what a monster we've created.

when i am called by my manager to read a post that is burning through the internet it makes me wonder. ive never responded to rumours or shittalking online, no matter who it came from- at the same time there is nothing that makes my blood boil more than reading this- being who i am, my first instinct is to blow it off- but then i consider how anytime anything is written on the internet people believe its true- no matter what, no matter the biases or subjectivity of the sources. my first instinct is to lash out- to say everything i think about you and every situation- to defend myself and attack you. as unbelievable as it is- i am an extremely insecure person- everytime i read something about myself negative or positive i react in probably the exact same way anyone would.

but like i said- i am going to continue to do this my own way, what i consider to be the higher road. i understand when we get angry we often lash out- ive done it myself on many occassions. if you want to talk to me about any of this call me on my cell phone and we can do it one on one-

i will not be responding to anything else-

however, the attacks about our fans and the people that listen to this music and read these words is completely offbase- the fans of this band are my entire life- ive lost my girlfriend, my friends, much of my "normal" life- just to keep this relationship going- this isn't to say that i dont make mistakes, take misteps. just because youve seen me on tv or at a show doesn't make me anything less or more than human. you dont ever see the other side of the way we agonize over every decision we make or try our best to please everyone- because we've given up in bands before and we know how it feels and we dont want that to happen. everyone in the band is upset about this- remember everyone that makes up fall out boy- they all wanted me to voice that we appreciate our fans and friends that weve met more than anything- and that we realize because of where we are all the arrows are pointed at us- but we will try our best. and we do try our best. we also, have far more faith in the intelligence and dedication of the people that believe in us to think that they will be swayed easily. if you want to hear other stories of how we actually talk about our fans or think of them please ask other bands, they will testify to how we really act. we just want you to know that in four years when noone cares, we still hope you are there. im not going to freak out or whatever, but please an attack on our fans or our relationship with them as a p.r. move is uncalled for.

this doesn't need to be reposted anywhere- i am sure that fob fans know where to find it.

chris if you want to talk the phone line is there.

i wrote this pretty fast so i apologize for the typos and run-ons.

until then, thank you to everyone who reserves judgment and has my back until the end of time.
- petey

Chris responds here, as well as posting this on his other journal:

i wont lie. i hate being this dude.
i wish it wouldnt have come to this but goddamn, hes right.
no one knows how to break a heart like he does.

So yeah. That all happens. The peen pictures leak, the world at large accuses Chris of doing so, he denies it, and is ultimately proven correct. At the end of March, Chris takes a trip to LA, and posts an entry about falling for a boy who has a girlfriend.

Along with the postings on both journals are these pictures:

with Mikey Way, Pete's formerly uber-close friend.

Pete puts up this away message:

We never really got a fuller sense of the ending of this thing. Chris remains close with Alicia, Mikey's fiancee--they both contribute to the site she runs, WorldsMostHated. Chris is also still friends with the other members of Fall Out Boy, as well as The Academy Is and Gym Class Heroes. He regularly shows up at Wentz-verse band concerts. Neither Pete or Chris have ever exhibited much true malice over the situation--Pete has said that he'll never regret "Grenade Jumper," and Chris recently reminsced over shooting the video for "Saturday" as an amazing day. However, it seems that it'll be quite a while before the two are ever the way they once were.

Opinions vary on HeyChris himself--it's pretty clear that without the FOB song, he probably wouldn't have the recognition he now does. I tend to enjoy his writing whenever I'm bored enough to pour through AskHeyChris, and I have admitted to really, really wanting this shirt. However, he is kind of a douche in personality, and often comes off as kind of smarmy and hanger-on-ish.

All right. Jesus Christ, this fandom is work-intensive. Oh, who am I kidding? I love it!

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