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...which isn't physically possible.

big city nights and country days
I may or may not have created a little mini-fandom for the city government that I have to cover here. It just makes it a little easier to wake up early and head to meetings where they discuss asphalt at length.

This is my current favorite thing:

The internet is truly a marvelous place. Have Taylor Swift and Trace Cyrus even been in the same room? I stumbled across this as a result of reading this interview, where Demi Lovato says the following:

"There's been so many times where if it wasn't for our fans, I don't know if we'd be together, because they've opened up my eyes to seeing - because I thought I was the only one who had a crush," she says. "And then I would see Jemi videos online, and feel like, 'Oh my gosh! Maybe there is something.'"

So, fanvid makers take hope? But seriously, I now would like to imagine that Jemi videos played a serious role in the conversation leading up to their coupledom--reviewing the footage together, etc. etc.

Speaking of the fandom of real people, dotcoms_refresh lead me to this discussion about RPF/S, and the differences between varying RP groups--bandom, SPN, skating, Trek, etc. I don't have an account there, so I can't contribute, but I do think that it's really interesting to think about the different reasons people are drawn to writing about the various "characters" in their area of choice.

I tend to think that bandom is appealing because, duh, people already like the music in question, and the fascination toward the people who create it sort of morphs into something else. In terms of fic, I think the challenge of attempting to get into the head of someone like Pete Wentz or Ryan Ross is fun.

To end on a less thinky note:

Not gonna lie, it kind of reminds me of that one awesome FOB story where Patrick went and became friends with llamas for a while. WHAT IF ONE OF THEM WAS A TAYLOR LAUTNER LLAMA, HMM?

sunday morning, rain is falling
I've been trying to hold off on posting for awhile so I can have lots of fabulous and interesting thoughts to express for my first post after the fandomsecrets friending meme. But I can only hold out for so long. Anyway, hello new friends!

--As much as I have no feelings whatsoever toward Demi Lovato, I have to say that this is really cute. The members of ONTD are not my friends, so I put the question to you guys: what was your prom/grad dinner/whatever like?

Here, I'll go first: my prom was really awkward, because I got super-desperate to not go by myself at the last minute, so I asked a sophomore boy who had a giant crush on me to go. I had to go pick him up in my full prom attire, since he couldn't drive. Then once I got to prom it became evident what a terrible idea it was to go with someone who liked me while I felt neutral toward him.

Interestingly enough, my best friend Eric and I were assumed to be dating by much of the school, so when he took another girl, both me and my mom were pissed for a while. My mom actually hasn't let him live it down yet.

But there's a redemptive story! My junior year of college the paper I wrote for decided to have a "journalism prom" at our favorite local dive. I got nominated to be prom queen and won alongside my fabulous friend Louis. My dear roommates bought me a corsage. :D

--There are a bunch of Civil War re-enactors in town, which makes a place already up to its elbows in historical sites even more ridiculous. I was (shallowly) surprised by the number of young, attractive boys sporting Union outfits. I guess I never thought of it as a hobby most take up. But hey, way cooler than saying you spent the weekend playing Call Of Duty or whatever.

--As a result of the re-enactors, I've been inspired to rewatch Ken Burns's The Civil War. Truly fantastic, and since I'm not in seventh grade anymore, I can say that with total objectivity, rather than excitement over getting two weeks of in-class movie days.

--Iron Man 2 was very fun. Didn't like it quite as much as the original, maybe because I was irritated by Mickey Rourke most of the time. Maybe I was just distracted by his hair. I'm a sucker for the Pepper/Tony stuff, even though I know it's eventually Jossed.

--Can we talk about Zac Efron?

After I was able to look past his insane levels of attractiveness, I'm cautiously optimistic towards this. Hate on High School Musical as you will, but dude's got a really great screen presence, and I was an unabashed fan of 17 Again. I kind want to see that movie he was in about Orson Welles...and yet not. Anyway.

This afternoon I will be riding in a parade, throwing shirts. I am not excited by the prospect, but one of the good things about living in a small town is that the whole thing has to be over in 45 minutes. Fingers crossed.

i'm an open book
Oh, Merlin, no.

Really? "Reverse racism" and affirmative action comparisons on the second comment page? And we were doing so well.

ETA: I've sunk into the depths of a rather wretched Gossip Girl AU. Sorry about my life.

sharing your devotion
the louis vuitton don
I respectfully submit that "Lay All Your Love On Me" is a fucking perfect song.

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Billie Joe is a hotass
American Idiot update, number whatever:



yo, this band is wack.
Yeah, I went ahead and made myself a Kick-Ass icon. You know shit's real when my precious 15-icon space gets fiddled around with.

In the little town where I work, there are three separate news organizations, making this the most well-covered 2700 person area anywhere, most likely. Two are online--one where I work, and our enemy site who we are required to loathe.

Uh...too bad I guess I became friends with their features reporter/editor? Ugh, whatever. I'm still kind of easing into this whole small-town reporting thing, where it actually might matter who I hang out with outside of work.

So. In other news. I'm gonna need like 10 million AUs where Arthur is a star footballer, now. Please and thank you, world.

Rather in response to the entry vinylsigns posted the other day about Ye Olde Days of bandom, I randomly found myself searching through the video section of my iTunes, which is basically nothing but Decaydance-related things.

So, yeah, I rewatched the making of the "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" video, an amazing piece of footage that seems to be lost in the depths of the internet. Remember--the one with monkeys? Yeah. I have to say that all the boys are just so damm attractive in that video, ugh. I kind of forgot about 2007-era FOB. Especially Patrick. He needs to just be in formalwear all the time.

ETA: LOLLLLLLLLLLL I just rewatched the actual video, and had apparently forgotten just how fucking ridiculous it is. Pete and Kim Kardashian (Maybe? A lookalike?) getting a little romance scene shoved in there for no reason at all? The amazing and hilarious product placement for TAG body spray?! Oh, boys. ♥ forever.

cassius was right

Happy birthday, Edward R. Murrow.

no, i don't get tired of being a pimp
Billie Joe is a hotass
Just dropping in due to this:


Saw American Idiot last night on the big, broad way. Loved loved it! Thrashing and twitching, sweating and spit. Powerful stuff. Go.


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I have to say, I've never been much of a Finn fan--something I've made pretty clear in the past. That said, I was really, really feeling him in this week's "Open Your Heart" duet.

I've heard the general observation that this week wasn't as well-liked as the previous episode? Which is weird to me, because I'd much rather the show focus on one artist and have the pressure to perform exceedingly well than they have some sort of vague theme that results in butchering The Doors. Maybe that's just me.

wednesday night is the night we make love

(Read: American Idiot is getting positive reviews, post-Broadway debut last night!) I've been talking to my mom, since she promised me a trip to see it. Cannot. Wait.

I've been reading a bit about Roger Ebert's dismissal of video games as art, and am thoroughly unimpressed. Without falling into the trap that I've seen a few do--that of the "well, people didn't think MOVIES were art, either!"--I do have to completely disagree with this. And, for the record, I say this as a person who was unable to master Duck Hunt at age 7, and continues to be barely functional at all games up until today.

Aside from all the different components that others have pointed out (visual artistry, plotlines in games like Silent Hill, etc), I really hate definitive statements of that ilk. It gives the impression of shit-stirring for little to no purpose, and it's a pretty dick move however you look at it. Counting out an entire medium as being "art" or not...please. And it's particularly irritating hearing this coming from Ebert, who's been a big proponent of certain "lesser" movies as been equal or better to more artsy, Oscar-baity type flicks.

I will say that his dismissal of Kick-Ass coming at the same time opens him up for a lot of general bitchery. It's too bad that the two are getting lumped together a bit, because the Kick-Ass conversation is a lot more interesting to me. To wit:

"Let's say you're a big fan of the original comic book, and you think the movie does it justice. You know what? You inhabit a world I am so very not interested in."

This is also something that would completely discount him from the opinions of all fans of the original comic. (I myself haven't read it, though I want to, post-film.) He later describes the film as a satire, which I do think is wrong.

While the film is often funny, I don't think it's intended to be an entirely comic feature that deals with a lot of superhero tropes. I need a rewatch, but I think many of the things singled out by him in his write-up (Hitgirl, most notably, who's also been a lightning rod for other critics) aren't intended to be taken in a lighthearted fashion, which seems to be a major issue for him. The review ends up reading as not only dismissive of fans of the source material, but somehow accusing them simultaneously. Again, not my cup of tea.

(And, as a side note, he praised the Death At A Funeral remake as the funniest feature of the year thus far, and superior to the original. Which...I can't verify, but find extraordinarily hard to buy.)

So anyway. I did join marvel_kickass, which is a pretty nifty little growing community. A healthy chunk of comicverse fans, which makes the content interesting. Also I might be writing fic wait what?


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