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according to my wikipedia, i'm a tenor

...which isn't physically possible.

no baby, that's just the cocaine talking
18 March 1987
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I used to have a life. Now I do fandom instead.
baby animals, ben gibbard, billie joe armstrong's tininess, bradley james' vampire teeth, bunnies, coca-cola beverages, coffee, colin morgan, colin morgan's irish accent, colin morgan's ridiculous cheekbones, comfy pants, dave lizewksi's dance moves, decaydance records, everything about patrick stump, fall and spring, film theory, gaga ooh la la, internet drama like whoa, jay-z, kanye west being great, luke skywalker, mix cds, my hitchcock/truffaut book, naps, rebelling against interest limits, slash dragons, spencer reid's "unquantifiable" intellect, stand-up comedy, writing.