according to my wikipedia, i'm a tenor

...which isn't physically possible.

we are young, we are strong
All right, one more thing associated with my infatuation with Kick-Ass. ( For now.) I have been absolutely blasting the movie's theme song for the entirety of last night and today.


Definitely sends you out of the theater wanting to be a superhero yourself.

an open letter to the universe
....So, I'm going to need a gigantic amount of Kick-Ass fic to immediately materialize in my life. Thanks in advance, world.

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock
the louis vuitton don
Happy Kanye icon for this post, because I'm currently echoing his feelings wholeheartedly! It's gorgeous today, and in celebration of my first-real-job paycheck yesterday, I'm headed out to the nearby "big city" (read: population 10,000) for a little shopping spree and possibly a screening of Kick Ass

Finally settling in for real in my new, idyllic little town. Seriously, I must be a secret genius, because if I was going to move to a little rural town, picking one where the main industry is tourism is the way to go. Adorable downtown, fun little events practically every weekend, tons of old buildings kept in great condition in the interest of history. It's great.

I've been using my Netflix birthday present pass to work my way through Season 1 of "The X-Files" in the spirit of nostalgia. So seriously, you guys. Mulder and Scully were totally into each other from like Episode 3 onwards. I had totally forgotten how much touchy-feely stuff there was, even in these earlyearly episodes. I'm excited to work my way up to Seasons 3 and 4 though, those are probably my favorites of the whole show.

I've gotten out of the loop somewhat on "Glee," but I did tune in this week in the spirit of, you know, all my friends will be discussing this the rest of the week. And I have to say:

1) Jonathan Groff is mad hot. Casting should have thought him through a bit more though, because his presence kind of highlights what a semi-faily singer Finn is.
2) I think this song from next week's episode is pretty fucking fabulous:

I didn't even like the original, but something about Kurt's little "Madonna!" inserts in every chorus makes me grin like a fool every time.

Other music I'm digging: the new LCD Soundsystem album (ugh, is it really the last one?? No!), this B.O.B. track featuring Hayley Williams.

All right, I'm off. There's a gigantic bike race in town this weekend, so fingers crossed I don't accidentally run over a cyclist while they're in control of the town. Have a lovely Saturday, ya'll. ♥

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the louis vuitton don

Just thought you all should know ASAP that there is now porn for the blind.


isn't it a drag
Billie Joe is a hotass
You can now listen to the full Broadway American Idiot recording right here.

I'm liking it pretty well so far. It is weird to listen to a lot of the faster tracks and not feel like whichever male singer isn't just doing a weird Billie Joe impersonation. ("St. Jimmy," a LOT.) But it's very nifty to hear, if only because it points out how adaptable AI was to the stage in the first place.

AND! More people will hopefully know and love "Favorite Son" after this! A sadly neglected song in GD's career, because it is so fantastic. Fits perfectly alongside the Idiot sentiment.

put some voodoo on it
Two things I love:

Janelle Monáe

Here is her latest, badass-as-usual video.

It makes me so happy to know that she and her fabulousness are in this world. I feel like I would absolutely clam up if I got within 100 yards of her, because she is so fucking cool. (Also, Big Boi! BRB, grabbing my copy of Speakerboxxx.)

Say Anything..., which I watched twice last night (oh hush, one was with commentary). There are some movies that I love almost too much--meaning that I watch/fangirl out over it so hard and so quickly that I end up burning out. Luckily, this movie is not one of them. And as much as I adore it, it's something that I would never want to get into a fandom for, because it's just too perfect as is, in its one little contained unit.

Also, I must say that while I obviously love the boombox scene, my personal Lloyd Dobler swoon moment comes when he's walking Diane home from the senior party in the morning, and she asks him what his plans for the summer are.

He says that he wants to spend as much time with her as possible before she leaves for England, and immediately after admitting this, he mutters to himself "Said it!"

And the part where he's working up the nerve to call her for the first date by practicing kickboxing, and with every hit of the punching bag, he's saying either "Diane Court" or "Call her."

And, and, and... oh, Lloyd. You make it so hard for me to not fall into the cliche of loving you.

help me LJ, you're my only hope
I promise to be back with a legit post later on today, but for right now I need to ask the question that's been burning inside me for a couple days:

Do I start watching Primeval?

On the one hand, I don't really think I can handle another fantasy UK show, especially if I'm going to make good on working my way through approximately 7000 episodes of Doctor Who.

On the other....Andrew Lee Potts. Yeah.

Advice, ya'll?

whoa. whoa.
i'm an open book
At the Pop Culture Association national conference going on in St. Louis this weekend, there is an entire presentation on Merlin/Arthur slash fiction.

BRB, reconsidering my entire career. path.

who says you can't be 13 again?
So, uh.

Does Roswell fandom even exist these days? Not that I've been mainstreaming Season One throughout my packing today, and am now feeling the feelings of my junior high self, or anything.

Just, you know. Wondering.

you're singing to me baby in my head
As I pack up all my shit for what seems like the millionth time in the past few years, I will be blasting this for much of the time:

Jason Deruloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


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