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sunday morning, rain is falling
I've been trying to hold off on posting for awhile so I can have lots of fabulous and interesting thoughts to express for my first post after the fandomsecrets friending meme. But I can only hold out for so long. Anyway, hello new friends!

--As much as I have no feelings whatsoever toward Demi Lovato, I have to say that this is really cute. The members of ONTD are not my friends, so I put the question to you guys: what was your prom/grad dinner/whatever like?

Here, I'll go first: my prom was really awkward, because I got super-desperate to not go by myself at the last minute, so I asked a sophomore boy who had a giant crush on me to go. I had to go pick him up in my full prom attire, since he couldn't drive. Then once I got to prom it became evident what a terrible idea it was to go with someone who liked me while I felt neutral toward him.

Interestingly enough, my best friend Eric and I were assumed to be dating by much of the school, so when he took another girl, both me and my mom were pissed for a while. My mom actually hasn't let him live it down yet.

But there's a redemptive story! My junior year of college the paper I wrote for decided to have a "journalism prom" at our favorite local dive. I got nominated to be prom queen and won alongside my fabulous friend Louis. My dear roommates bought me a corsage. :D

--There are a bunch of Civil War re-enactors in town, which makes a place already up to its elbows in historical sites even more ridiculous. I was (shallowly) surprised by the number of young, attractive boys sporting Union outfits. I guess I never thought of it as a hobby most take up. But hey, way cooler than saying you spent the weekend playing Call Of Duty or whatever.

--As a result of the re-enactors, I've been inspired to rewatch Ken Burns's The Civil War. Truly fantastic, and since I'm not in seventh grade anymore, I can say that with total objectivity, rather than excitement over getting two weeks of in-class movie days.

--Iron Man 2 was very fun. Didn't like it quite as much as the original, maybe because I was irritated by Mickey Rourke most of the time. Maybe I was just distracted by his hair. I'm a sucker for the Pepper/Tony stuff, even though I know it's eventually Jossed.

--Can we talk about Zac Efron?

After I was able to look past his insane levels of attractiveness, I'm cautiously optimistic towards this. Hate on High School Musical as you will, but dude's got a really great screen presence, and I was an unabashed fan of 17 Again. I kind want to see that movie he was in about Orson Welles...and yet not. Anyway.

This afternoon I will be riding in a parade, throwing shirts. I am not excited by the prospect, but one of the good things about living in a small town is that the whole thing has to be over in 45 minutes. Fingers crossed.

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Oh, crap. The ZEfron in something I actually want to see (thoguh not in public because I might acually shed tears=evil in the bad way). Wow. I've never seen aything he's been in but he is really, really ridiculously good looking.

--Prom: I had a really medicore to miserable time at both of my proms (seniors and juniors both went at my school) for several reasons. The wrong date is HUGE. So I feel you there.

Junior year I went with this guy who was a senior and I thought understood that we were just friends. Yeah, no. But before we got to the me shunning his advances portio of the evening we ate dinner that the parents of the kids in my group of friends made for uso help us save money. It was really sweet but it made me really sick. Really sick as in cumpled on the bathroom floor in agony in my goregous prom dress a la Izzy Stevens. Our limo was so late that I was actually feeling better before we left so I actually made it to prom where I had to teach my date how to dance without smaking/stepping on me and keep his hands off my lovly lady lumps. Oh, what fun.

Senior year I went with a guy I had been dating who was oo afriad to tell me himself that the week before he'd become seriously involved with someone else so he spread a rumor that he now had a girlfriend and hoped it would get to me before prom. He was in college, the social chair of his frat, but apparently still and eighth grader. Whatever. I was so stressed out of the three--One, Two, Three--Advanced Placement Examinations I'd taken that morning to really invest in the situation. I'd decided to do my own hair to save time and money but was still running late because of how tired I was that I didn't get to go t the bank ad get cash for the limo and dinner. My date said not to wory, he'd pitch in but somehow we were still short.

Both proms I went to sleep sober, exhausted, annoyed, and swearing off dating, boys, and wishing for my own bed (friends' basement floors are less fun when you are that tired).

My friends and I have been joking for years about doing something I call "Prom Without Boys." What I really mean though is prom without dates and without being strapped for money. I have come to the realization that wedding receptions (if you aren't super obsessed with having a date for them) essntially fill this function and I love them in ways I can not express. There's music and everyone is in a good mood and the alcohol is usually free and it is very unlikely that I spent the morning taking a clusterfuck of AP exams.

--Where are you that there are all these re-enactmentsof the Civil War?

I live in rural Missouri. The whole area around here is nuts about heritage and history and tourism and whatnot, so there's a constant stream of festivals/historical events.

Yeah, I had 10 times more fun at all the Homecomings/Junior Dances/Spring Dances, etc etc. in a group of friends (of both genders) with no pairings whatsoever. That senior year prom sounds especially nasty, though. :(

And as if to add looking-back-injury to insult, my prom dress wasn't NEARLY as awesome as any of my other dresses, though at the time I thought it was OMG PERFECT. I'm not nearly as endeared of it these days--maybe it's the bad associations, at this point.

"Prom Without Boys" actually has a lot of boys attending but none of the insanity of dating them. My group of friends was always very mixed. In lots of ways.

The really awful thing is that my Homecomings/St. V's/whathaveyous were just as miserable.

I was one of seven girls and second youngest so my prom dresses were ever allowed to cost very much.

oh my gosh, prom XD

I got to go to prom twice, once as a sophomore and once as a senior. Your first prom is actually almost the exact same thing as my first prom, only my friend who was crushing on me was the senior instead >.> But we went as friends, with a bunch of other bandos (high school band), and thankfully prom wasn't awkward, and we're still friends (and yes, he still has a crush on me, but I haven't exactly been encouraging).

Senior year, I just went with a small group of girlfriends, and since the dance was at a Disney building, just across for the park, we all put little princess tiaras in our hair :)

Um, your senior prom sounds amazing. I would have requested every Disney love theme for all the slow dances that evening.

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