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Oh, Merlin, no.

Really? "Reverse racism" and affirmative action comparisons on the second comment page? And we were doing so well.

ETA: I've sunk into the depths of a rather wretched Gossip Girl AU. Sorry about my life.

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Oh my word, whyyyyyyyyy

Ugh, I don't even know. I x'ed out before I could get too deep. I prefer it when I hear vague rumblings of shit going down elsewhere.

Also, thanks a lot for your damn post the other day, because now I'm getting all up in Captain America/Iron Man. Sighhhhhh.

Me too--I've been blissfully unaware of a lot of the wank that's been going on in Merlindom the past few months. I just want the new season to start so everyone gets distracted!

*evil cackle* Oh, don't even pretend to be put-upon, love :) Have you checked out the ship_manifesto article? Keysmash worthy in its own right, but then you get to consider Robert Downey Jr. and generally how much he flirts with men in his movies, and the squee gets cranked to eleven *__* The Cap/IM stuff in The Avengers is going to be EPIC.

Agreed. We need more hilarious troll adventures and dragon-battling ASAP.

UGH I KNOW. And I definitely looked up the guy soon to be movie!Cap, and....yeah. Sounds good to me.

Yes! No, no, we need Merlin to have occasion to call Arthur a clotpole again. ~Return of everyone's favorite insult~ Fandom-wise rejoicing :D

There's going to be so much pretty, omggggg. This and THIS is almost too much to handle. The more I learn about the comics, the more I dig their relationship. Damn, I ship it like FedEx ^__^ EDIT: also, hi, RDJ is totally older than Chris Evans. I wonder if this will have any kind of impact on movieverse Cap n' Tony.

and Cap and Black Widow have already been in a film together, so that was a weirdly awesome coincidence! I'm hopeful that Edward Norton will return as Bruce Banner, cuz that would be A+ :)

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LOL Nanny Diaries. A film I had completely forgotten existed until this moment.

Well, I have no doubt that the film will be able to do it's fair share of fucking around with the time span, given the whole "frozen in ice" section of things. I'll actually be interested to see what they do in a Captain America stand-alone movie in relation to an eventual Avengers flick. Will the first be set entirely in the 40s? Questions, questions.

I only watched it because my cousins wanted to, kay? XD

The information at this point is scant, but I have read somewhere that it'll be pretty evenly split between the 40s and modern times, and if this is correct, then it's cause for epic squee, cuz there may be some Nick Fury & Tony cameos at the recovery of his icy-tomb-thingy :D

Hi there! I found you on the F!S mass friending post. I'm a recent lurker there and was too embarassed to post there, heh. I found Merlin a weird way-- through a friend who introduced me to kinkme_merlin, and THEN I started watching the show (I'd only seen a few episodes), hah!

So if you don't mind, I'd like to add you. For a little about me, I'm 27, married, female, live in the Northeast US, have a crazy cute dog (icon!), am a toddler teacher, and have a large network of geek friends. We are awesome, I promise. :)

Aw, that dog is precious. I'd love to be friends!

So are you all caught up on Merlin at this point?

Hah, no. I'm partway through season 1. I'm not too fussed about spoilers since I know I'm behind the times on this one, but I generally try to avoid them.

If you post something with Season 2 spoilers, don't worry about me. I believe they're on Season 3 now? and people are wary of Seasons 3 spoilers, but 2 is my own fault and I'll catch up eventually. I got into Harry Potter after book 6 was released, so I started at Book 1 knowing that "Snape kills Dumbledore!!!", so, yeah. ;) lol.

Also, I just realized I forgot to actually use the icon of my pup for that post, derrr.

Yeah, the show's currently on the downhill portion of filming Season 3. I was just trying to get a gauge on where you are in terms of show enthusiasm! I should actually rewatch the first season again, there's a bunch of stuff that I think I've forgotten about by now.

Here is a dramatic re-enactment to describe my journey to Merlin:

Best friend, months ago: omg I found this new show and I'm obsessed with it.
Me: Oh, that's nice.
BF: Even more obsessed than with Harry Potter.
Me: WAIT, WHAT?! But... but HP obsession is our thing! THINK OF OUR FRIENDSHIP!!! *falls to knees, beats ground with fists*
BF: No, you must understand! It's BRITISH and it's based on Arthurian legend! You know how I feel about Arthurian legend and retellings!!! *shakes me* YOU MUST UNDERSTAND!!!
Me: Okay, fine, I'll watch your stupid show.

*scene: watching Merlin at BF's house*

Me: Oh, this is cute!
BF: And look, see? Look at their youtube videos! They're crazy in real life too!
Me: Ha! That's awesome. OH NO WAY, JOHN FARNHAM???

*scene: at my house, alone*

Me: Oh, this show is actually really low budget-y and camp-y. This is less fun alone.

*scene: BF's house*

Me: I didn't like it as much alone.
BF: But look! Look at the fanfic!
Me: *looks* Wow, this is... remarkably well-organized. And half this stuff is disgusting and crazy... but I can't... look... away...

*two hours of perusing through kinkme_merlin later*


And then I started watching the show. LOL.

So yeah, I'm... there? with my enthusiasm. Although I'm still deciding which kinds of fics I like.

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